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    Icon Submitted Comments

    Jemma G

    they are beautiful
    * sexxxiebrittnay *

    BlAcK rOsEs
    * Author *


    * BLOODS *

    REally it rocks! To good to be true... lol ya'' ma'' mates, die!
    * 2m1th3only0ne? by MA *

    I made it because i wanted to see how shit icon i could make!LOL!
    * Author *


    Gravedigger when you dig my grave. Make it shallow so i can feel the rain.
    * Author *



    * terry cumpton *

    * terry *

    Oli Sykes. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude.
    * diemuthafukadie *



    ..*.lovelovelovelove…*…………….*….* .*..lovelovelovelovelo…*………*..lovel….* *..lovelovelovelovelove…*….*…lovelovelo.* *.. lovelovelovelovelove…*….*…lovelovelo.* .*..lovelovelovelovelove…*..*…lovelovelo…* ..*…lovelovelovelovelove..*…lovelovelo…* …*….lovelovelolovelovelovelovelovelo…* …..*….lovelovelovelovelovelovelov…* ……..*….lovelovelovelovelovelo…* ………..*….lovelovelovelove…* ……………*…lovelovelo….* ………………*..lovelo…*
    * Death Note *

    that hao hung`
    * nguyen thanh that *

    gd pic chic
    * shaniece *

    * pimper *

    angaz pwd maging profile 2
    * dcoy *


    joanna fernandez

    sam joseph turner 1999-2008. angels that young should not be taken i see you still even though noone else does . i miss you my fav cousin . forever and always xxx
    * carcrashvictim
    Javier, Nikki, Nick, Nathan,Justin, Codey, Daniel, Mrs Lord, January 12, 2008. We miss you and love you always<3 You will be forever in my hearts, i will miss your firendships with all my heart for eternity. "They played together, they rolled together. they went out together"<3
    * GirlWhomisses them<3 *

    RIP Alysa Mae Sudowski! even though i didnt know you, i will never forget you, evenyone knows that god couldnt have asked for a better angel! you will always be remembered! "i carry your heart with me" also RIP Alysas mom (sorry i dont know her name) its sad that you had to commit suicide in order to be with your daughter but if thats what it took for you to be happy, now you can be with god and alysa RIP both of you, no one will ever forget!
    * ~*~Melissa Sue~*~ *

    RIP Pwoodance Halliwell :( miis you soo much :( RIP Pwoo ur rokin heaven XD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    * Megan *

    although youv been gone for so long we miss u all the same. u died so young and it was the worst thing god could do. to take you away from us. we miss u more thatn any 1 could kno becuse we put on a brave face and see each day till the very end. see? i''m tlkin crap!
    * missin like hell *

    I love you Rebecca Irene Gordan September 9 1992 to August 25 2007 you lived your life to the fullest and God took you away form us but you will always be in my heart and you will be gone but not forgotten
    * Livia Natasha Nguyen *

    r.i.p paris ul b missed by every 1...x every 1 thinkin on u n ur family love ya lil princess x x
    * paris devlin *

    i need u n0w!!
    * denise *

    we all loved u and u will b missd but never forgotten...
    * kenny *

    so true so true Bryce Robert James Devoe you are missed every day since may 30 2007 and always will be
    * CMOUSE *


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    Lol Right...Coolio!
    * Jennemo *

    i hope i c mi best friend down there she was sooo emo then one day she went and did it she kille her self
    * ****the person no one new**** *

    never see you in hell just go to hell men!!!@@@
    * dudes *

    wow! nice its so very true
    * death_ *

    * EmODiCk *

    =O thats a song by aiden WOW
    * LilEmoMe *

    I love it! So DeAd! HoHo
    * Alone... *

    * CrazyBanana;; *



    i love this pic i have a imaginary friend hes called toby hes so sexy
    * dead inside *



    * roonas *

    this is for u i love u my friends forever
    * hiii christine *



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