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    Name :danii
    Icons Accepted :9
    Amount Credited :$2.25
    Complete Collection
    Icons SubmittedComments
    Its True With Freinds There Always There For You...Even When You Dont Want Them To Be =S.....But Its Cool, Sutil, Nice....From Laura... I like this pic becuz it shows you tht if something happened to you your best friend wud always be there to stick up for you......from hayley
    * Laura And Hayley... *

    omg this is awesum!!! incase u dont know its 50 cent lyrics!! hahaaha awesum i love it
    * **ReNeE** *

    i love that! i think its so sweet and cute!
    * pretty in pink *

    Just for you
    * Christa *

    Wae it do boo! I just dropin by 2 sho ur page sum luv 2!!!! ~MZ.KOOTA~
    * Lissy *

    i think its lovely i sent it to my bezzie n she apsolutly loved it!!!!!
    * angel *

    Its cute i sent it to ma bestie and she was in tears
    * Irene *

    I love this pic! It goes perfectly with my situation!thanks!
    * *Jess* *

    always be here if you need me
    * tamara gligoric *

    oh thats soooo cute!! i lov that!!! n cute colorz! all around HOTT ICON!!!!!!
    * jesi *


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    some of u need to develop a sense of humor... cuz getting offended from this is pointless and makes u look pretty lame. i personally don't like it because of the colors, i hate pink but other than that, it's ok. I could use some funds.
    * ummm... *

    it is sooooooo true
    * laura *

    that is so not true not all of us girls are gold diggers some of us just want to have fun and it doesnt cost to go to the beach so im ok without money
    * *fucking label us why dont you* *

    so not denying that girls want funds...but so do guys. and girls also want cute guys. id rather have a cute guy than a rich gnome. there are only 3 things in life that scare me: talking animals, people who dont like me, and freaky little gnomes.
    * chrissy *

    Money Money we can live with out
    * uncealmoneybagsbaby~@~*~!~@!@%%^~!~~~ *

    no noh!!!its not true~!!! * munish*
    * munish *

    Money Money gotta live money
    * Kristie *

    * XxTara BaybeexX *

    bullshit! thats crap. not all girls r like that. broke guys r cute - in a way lol
    * mel *

    no noh!!!its not true~!!!
    * janelle *


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    i love this icon.. its so true though... its deffinately going into my myspace profile
    * *andrea* *

    OMg i think this is so cute its so special like a real moment you would have with your true love
    * Satia *

    this is soo sweeeeet!! ILL use this in my profile:)
    * mitch *

    i like this one, its cute <3
    * brittany *

    that is so sweet
    * ashley *

    ------ romantic!!! lol i like this 1
    * shev *

    * princess *

    FRIENDS ARE NOT LIKE CREDIT CARDS! credit cards get you into debt and you can live without. i love my friends to bit and i couldnt live without i dont no what i wuld do without kez xx
    * kez *

    i cud live wif out a credit card cuz that can onli buy u meterial things but i cud neva live wifout my friends cuz money cnt buy such gr8 things
    * unsed things *

    haha that is so true
    * ....::::SQIGGLES::::.... *

    * unknown *

    its so true
    * cool *

    I would never tell my friends they are like credit cards cuz well credit cards aitn' always good! cuz my friends don't put me in debt!
    * *Jessica* *

    i love this website and this is a cool dp!
    * kate *

    sooooooo true i survive on my credit cards as much as my friends!!!*tehe*
    * ~niki~ *

    omg! hu eva ses dat der meh... u wud no how 2 spell ma name ryt its: rachel mcadems not ''regina''!! xx
    * rachel xxx *

    wow every girl needs this...
    * janelle *

    im like regina gorge out of meangirls and i wud like to say the pic is alright i like it ur copying words off movie fanks xx
    * regina gorge *

    yhyh the picture is good but it cud be cancel my beauty treatment i already am beautiful
    * miss gorgeous *

    OMg THaT iZ sOo HoT
    * ayana *

    hey i love this icon its soo cute
    * Elizabeth *

    LOL! I like it!
    * Clara *

    dat iz a brill pic
    * bb girl *

    im so iver this pic doll its so ace u go bbz lv yas xx!x!
    * mwhahx *

    haha! i like it!
    * xXx~cutie~xXx *


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    aww, i love it!
    * *Kitty* *

    he really truly does....♥
    * Veronica *

    That is so cute!! i love it.
    * blondieUSA *

    I LOVE YOU JOHN JACKOPSIC! BTw, great icon.
    * Me <3 *

    i luv u ben!!!!
    * kellie *

    * shakina *

    Heya dani your pics next to mine =] x
    * Danielle *

    Um No; I Live In England And Its Not How You Spell Her Name There.
    * [x]..Kia..[x] *

    i lyk it
    * j0anna *

    excuse me bt in england that is how you spell her name. and its been accepted so the site woners must like it dont amtter if you do does it!
    * author *

    ummm..u spelt her name wrong..if u wanted to make a "rihanna" icon u should atleast b able to spell her name
    * **dee** *

    Can you make one with names? Can you make one with Jennifer? Thank you.
    * Jennifer *

    love... the 1 word that means more than every other word in the dictionary<33
    * SwEeT & sExY *

    Glittery and flashy things arent tacky at all! Dumb still pic things are so boring.<33 Great job on this icon.
    * *~*Sky*~* *

    * ALYSSA *

    this is real cute
    * Amster *

    I love colors...
    * Lene *

    glittery and flashy things are distractin and they look so tacky i would stick to a still picture with a strong meaningful message
    * :::hel baby::: *

    i this this word is worse than hate!
    * wisher___ *

    ok, i know that 'if you don't like it don't comment it' but i gotta express myself here... paris hilton? come on, she's only in any status because she's got more money than anyone like her should, she's dumb as a doornail, what's so 'hot' about her exactly?
    * do you know the muffin man ^_^ *

    I TOTALLY agree with u kt!!!!!
    * Aurora *

    * mandy *

    Just because you twats don't like Paris hilton does that mean the author can't make pictures because 'the world hates paris hilton' .. your the ones who need to get over yourself the way your typing 'I HATE PARIS' you seriously sound obsessed so leave the author alone.. if she wants to make Paris pictures SHE WILL!
    * Danielle *

    what... the.... HELL! PARIS HILTON CANNOT SING! SHE DIDN'T WRITE THAT SONG! her daddy's money paid for the record label. She's a fake with a huge nose who has no talent whatsoever. I swear, if I could destroy this icon I would.
    * kt *

    omg i luv that song...PARIS HILTONS HOT!!!!
    * teehee *

    She can't sing, her voice is fixed with computer. :) Burn herrr. xXx
    * Person *

    Can you explain how to make one for me.
    * Very Confused Girl *

    oww so cute i will use this 1
    * rossie *

    can you make one for me plz that say kool
    * nga vo *


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