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    Upload your photo and get your world clock for Myspace, friendster, Hi5 .

    Note : Image size should be less than or equal to 700 kb, Otherwise you will get an error while uploading.


    1. The Time shown by the Clocks is based on your computer's local time.

    2. If u change your system's local time (for e.g. if your system clock shows 9.30 and u change it 5.15), all the clocks will automatically adjust to the new time.

    3. However if you change the local time zone then in that case you need to refresh your page and all the clocks will automatically adjust them to reflect the new time according to the new time zone selected within 1 min after they have loaded completely.

    4. As the time shown by the clocks is based on your system's local time therefore if you want the clocks to reflect the exact time, your system's local time must match the standard time of the local time zone selected in your system.


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